Intro to Software Test Engineer

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This intro-course provides an introduction to the concepts of Software Test Engineering providing an understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), the roles and operations of a Software Tester / Quality Assurance Engineer. You will learn how the SDLC is used to initiate software, gather requirements, design, develop and test applications.
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by QualityTrainer
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6 Lessons
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What’s In this Course

Welcome to the Intro to Software Test Engineering Course. In this video, your instructor explains what to expect and how to get the most out of it.

Lesson1- What is Software?

This first lesson serves as the foundation upon which the entire course will be built. It is critical to know what exactly Software is and how it is made up to properly understand the responsibilities of a Software Test Engineer.

Lesson2- Systems Development Life Cycle

This lesson gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Systems (Software) Development Lifecycle (SDLC). You will learn how the SDLC is used in several organizations to initiate software development, gather requirements, design, develop, test and launch applications.

Lesson3- Analyzing The Business Requirement Document

Analyzing The Business Requirement Document (BRD) is a very crucial first step to becoming an expert Software Test Engineer. In this Video, the Instructor will teach you how to ensure that the BRD contains Testable and Measurable requirements that aren’t subjective or ambiguous. This knowledge will not only allow you to write exhaustive test cases, but will transition you from simply being a reactive tester (finding and reporting defect) to a proactive Quality Assurance engineer – proactively “injecting” quality to the Software from scratch.

Lesson4-Test Execution and Types

This part 1 of 2 video, covers 5 of the major Test Execution types most commonly used in the Industry and which serve as the basis of understanding how our Testing FOCUS dictates our APPROACH as discussed in the Test Plan training.

What’s Next

In this video, your instructor gives you guidance on the next steps on your path to earning 6 Figures in I.T with this lucrative profession – Software Test Engineering.